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"eau" means "water".


We want to be a kind of "water" that moisturizes people's hearts.


Centering on "design" and "music"

Product, furniture, package, branding, concept design, product development, music production, etc.

Regardless of genre, it generates ideas that enrich the mind of people.



eau defines a design as a project.


Design is about taking action by trying to improve everyday life.


eau returns to its definition

We want to be an organization that produces "pure design".


Not design as a tool for profit

However, the design to please people in front of us.


I think that such a clear design is what makes people feel good.




Be like the "water" that moisturizes the world




To fill people's hearts with design and music.


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#B-206 Primrose Hill Kamioooka, 6-28-8, Konan, Konanku,

Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken, 233-0003 Japan


Yuichiro Morimoto



Focusing on the design of "mono",

Product development from concept making,

Product design, package design,

To branding, space design, music production,

We provide design ideas regardless of genre.


Basically, from the upstream of planning,

As a design adviser after the project

There are many cases in which you are allowed to associate in the long run.


For example, such a request, is very welcome.

Q. I want you to find out how to use new materials

Q. I'm thinking of new products, so I would like you to consult

Q. I want to make an original product with my own technology

Q. I'd like to support the design because I will open a store

Q. I want you to help create product concepts and stories

Q. I want you to contribute by design material

Q. I want you to interview as a designer

Q. I want you to participate in the company media


Etc, any unreasonable request is welcome!

Please feel free to contact us.








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