Musashino Art Brut


Art direction


for Musashino city


Represent "Art brut" as ink can play


"Art Brut" refers to the art of those who do not have specialized education in art, and is called "art brut". In 2017, this Earl Brut exhibition was held for the first time in Musashino City and was in charge of art direction. I think that the first trial, and also the opening of the city, and the executive committee was faced with a fumbling condition. Therefore, we propose a visual of ink which is compatible with the concept of "raw" and city color "purple". I explained that I can develop posters, brochures, DMs, eco bags, staff proofs using this visual.

As a result of that presentation, the air of relief flowed to the executive committee in a good sense, and the exhibition was successful for the first time in a way that I could not believe it was the first time.

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